Lowongan Kerja PT Sasa Inti

Lowongan Kerja PT Sasa Inti

PT Sasa Inti is a trusted Food and Seasoning FMCG company in Indonesia, founded by Rodamas in 1968. Sasa itself is an abbreviation of “SAri RaSA”​ which is translated as essence of the taste that grows into a brand that leads the market both Local and International.

Focusing on the future, PT Sasa Inti leads the category by creating various product innovations. PT Sasa Inti empowering our consumers to delights themselves and family, therefore the motto “Sasa Melezatkan!“ provides a taste experience for all appetites and helps consumers enjoy delicious, healthy and quality food. That has been established through our range of products : MSG, Seasoning Flour, Coconut, Condiment and Seasoning Mix.

Headquartered in Jakarta, and has 2 factories in Probolinggo and Cikarang.


The pioneer of Indonesia’s seasoning. Established in 1973, Sasa Inti has been continuing the pioneering efforts of Sasa Fermentasi, which was founded five years earlier. Rising demand for food additives gave Sasa Inti the opportunity to increase the production of MNG, to serve every segment and level of Indonesia’s huge market, Sasa Inti continues to produce MNG products in Indonesia, still holding strong as the market leader.

Sasa Inti also has managed to produce various products under the name of Sasa. Throughout the product diversification, Rodamas companies uphold best practices in terms of the raw material supply, production, and packaging of Sasa products.

Sasa brand itself now has developed a comprehensive range of flavoring flours, broths, fried rice seasonings, and condiments, flavoring flours include varieties that are used in popular dishes and snacks; all are economical, delicious, complete, crunchy, and practical. Broths come in chicken and the beef flavors, whereas the fried rice seasonings come in four varieties: Special Chicken, Jawa, Kare Special, and Barbeque. In terms of condiments, Sasa focuses on tomato sauce and chili sauce; both types come in various sizes and packaging.

We’re Hiring

Mechanical Technician

We Are Looking For

  • Men, 21-30 years old
  • Diploma III in Mechanical Engineering
  • Minimum of 1 year experience
  • Possess knowledge of mechanical industry, analytical thinking, good communication, and teamwork
  • Willing to be located in Cikarang, Bekasi

Job Description

  • Do maintenance of production machines parts mechaically
  • Repair the physically damaged production machine parts
  • Do reparation of production machines through improvement or by increasing the quality of the production machine
  • List and prepare machine parts for spare parts in case of recurring issues

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PT Sasa Inti

Lowongan Kerja PT Sasa Inti

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